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The Patient Doctor thumbnail
The Patient Doctor eAudiobook
Dr Ben Bravery / Dr Ben Bravery

At the age of twenty-eight Ben Bravery woke from a colonoscopy to be told he had stage 3 colorectal ..

I'll Take That One thumbnail
I'll Take That One eAudiobook
Kitty Baxter / Siobhan Dowd Kitty Baxter

Kitty Baxter was born in London in 1930 the daughter of a road sweeper and a cleaner and one of five..

The Bookseller at the End of the World thumbnail
The Bookseller at the End of the World eAudiobook
Ruth Shaw / Nicolette McKenzie

In the far south of New Zealand in the remote Fiordland village of Manapouri Ruth Shaw runs two tiny..

Don't Be Too Polite Girls thumbnail
Don't Be Too Polite Girls eAudiobook
Wendy McCarthy / Nicolette McKenzie

For more than 50 years Wendy McCarthy has been on the leading edge of Australian feminism and her tr..

Dirty Briefs thumbnail
Dirty Briefs eAudiobook
Dave Fendem / Will Close

Straight from the bowels of back street police stations locked psychiatric wards and the criminal co..

The Boy Who Sat by the Window thumbnail
The Boy Who Sat by the Window eAudiobook
David Hodge / Luke R. Francis

'My story is one of laughter and hedonism dressing up and showing off. I played Queen in a parallel ..

Taken thumbnail
Taken eAudiobook
Michelle Pearson; Eve Hatton / Penelope Freeman

In 1972 sixteen-year-old schoolgirl Michelle Pearson gave up her son for adoption. Michelle was told..

No Safe Place thumbnail
No Safe Place eAudiobook
Bekhal Mahmod; Hannana Siddiqui / Lara Sawalha

Bekhal Mahmod was one of six siblings from a Sunni Muslim family in Iraqi Kurdistan who sought a new..

Currowan thumbnail
Currowan eAudiobook
Bronwyn Adcock / Olivia Beardsley

Ignited by a lightning strike in a remote forest the Currowan fire was one of the most terrifying ep..

For the Love of Oscar thumbnail
For the Love of Oscar eAudiobook
Sarah Roberts / Imogen Church

An open and honest account of a first-time mum except things for Sarah didn't pan out the way she im..

Vow of Silence thumbnail
Vow of Silence eAudiobook
Suzanne Walsh / Deirdre O’Connell

Suzanne Walsh was a survivor.She suffered five heart attacks and made it through open heart surgery...

Faithless thumbnail
Faithless eAudiobook
Seth Walker / Simon Mattacks

Seth was a priest. He served for 10 years and 163 days. Then he decided to die.'Have you ever questi..

Top Girl thumbnail
Top Girl eAudiobook
Danielle Marin / Nikki Patel

Danielle has a safe happy childhood growing up in West London but her bright future fades as she tur..

Secret Spirit thumbnail
Secret Spirit eAudiobook
Sally Morgan / Deirdre O’Connell

No one knows more about the secrets of the spirit world and the hidden energy that it holds than Bri..

Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day thumbnail
Tomorrow Will Be a Good Day eAudiobook
Captain Sir Tom Moore / Derek Jacobi

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in early April Captain Tom Moore 99-year-old Second World War..